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What Is International Health Insurance?

What Is International Health Insurance? Long-term living, studying, or employment abroad is covered by international medical insurance, which also covers routine medical care (usually more than one year). It grants you access to private healthcare in the nation where you now reside. Individuals, families, and businesses want to offer their employees health care while working outside of the UK access to international health insurance.

Typically, your international health insurance will provide coverage for the following:

  • if you are admitted to the hospital, medical care for serious conditions (this can be inpatient or day-patient)
  • Cancer Therapy
  • An urgent trip home if a relative is overseas and in danger
  • CT, PET, and MRI scans
  • Surgery performed outside of a hospital
  • Repatriation
  • Emergency dental care requiring admission to the hospital

Other levels of coverage are also available, and the aforementioned coverage is what we include in all of our Freedom Health Insurance Worldwide plans. Before buying coverage, be sure you know what your rights are because what an international medical insurance policy will cover may differ between providers.

What are the benefits of international medical insurance?

International medical insurance takes the guesswork out of foreign healthcare costs

Around the world, there are differences in the costs and methods for obtaining public healthcare. Similar to the NHS, certain nations may offer free public healthcare, while others may ask you to cover all or a portion of the cost of any necessary medical care. Foreign nationals frequently do not receive free public healthcare by default when they move to a new country.

With foreign medical insurance, you can focus on what really matters—your health—knowing that your insurance provider will pay for any applicable private hospital expenditures. Your overseas health insurance plan might in an emergency pay for travel expenses as well as possible repatriation.

International medical insurance covers your healthcare wherever you are

Wherever life may lead you, international medical insurance can protect you in the majority of nations worldwide, and the coverage is typically not limited to just one nation. Many foreign health insurance plans allow you to select the region of the world, such as Europe, or even the entire world, for coverage. Please be aware that your medical insurance plan is unlikely to provide coverage for traveling abroad for medical treatment.

International medical insurance gives you a choice

The ability to customize your medical care is another advantage of having foreign medical insurance. The sort of treatment you receive, the doctor you want to see, and the hospital where you want to receive it are frequently your choices. Furthermore, if you choose, many comprehensive health insurance policies will allow you to receive care in your own country or in another nation where you frequently travel.

Your international medical insurance may include additional cover

Nowadays, the majority of foreign medical insurance plans include medical evacuation and return home in the event that you need care outside of your place of residency. Maternity insurance, dental insurance, and optical insurance are additional optional advantages. Additionally, if you pay a larger premium, you might be able to raise the amount of coverage of your current benefits.

Last but not least, it’s important to keep in mind that the advantages of foreign medical insurance might differ between providers, so it’s always worthwhile to compare their policies to pick the one that best meets your specific requirements.

Who needs international medical insurance?

The knowledge that they are protected if they become sick or hurt while traveling abroad might assist ex-pats to navigate the local healthcare system, even though it is typically not required. One could purchase international health insurance by:

  • Families and individuals moving permanently abroad,
  • Those planning to retire overseas,
  • People who travel abroad to study, volunteer, or work for a specific amount of time, remote employees.
  • Groups and international businesses, as well as multinational employers and frequent business travelers.

What is the difference between international medical insurance and travel insurance?

When you spend at least a year living abroad, international medical insurance provides long-term protection and typically covers the costs of your emergency and routine medical care. Travel insurance, on the other hand, is a short-term insurance plan (less than a year) that solely covers medical emergencies and accidents while on vacation or on business, as well as non-medical features like coverage for lost luggage or cancellations. Medical expenses that can wait until you get back to the UK are not covered by travel insurance.

How much does international medical insurance cost?

  • International medical insurance premiums can be significantly more expensive than UK health insurance policies based on a number of variables. When determining your insurance rate, health insurance providers frequently examine the following factors:
  • The ages of those protected. The cost of any health insurance, including international medical insurance, increases with age.
  • The nation you will be relocating to. When moving to a place where healthcare is often more expensive, your premium will be greater.
  • Your medical background. Your pre-existing conditions may be covered internationally by some companies, but your premiums will likely increase as a result.
  • A measure of cover. The premium will often be more the more alternatives you have chosen and the higher the level of coverage.

How does international health insurance work?

You can choose to pay for your coverage in monthly or yearly payments, and many foreign health insurance policies will cover you for a whole year at a time.

You can file a claim with your health insurance company to get the costs of medical care and healthcare covered if you are sick or hurt. Your policy and your insurer will determine if you must occasionally pay an excess toward your medical care.

How to get international health insurance

A specialty product, international medical insurance can be obtained from a health insurance provider directly or through a health insurance broker. When deciding on and setting up their coverage, a broker helps their clients.

Most of the time, you may get international health insurance online or over the phone. With no commitment to purchase and a lot of flexibility in your coverage options, you can get a free health insurance quote for our Freedom Worldwide foreign health insurance right now.

To request your international health insurance quote, choose one of the options below to contact us:

  • Call us on 0800 999 2013* or 01202 756 350*
  • Email us at [email protected]
  • Click on the ‘Chat with us button at the top of the page.

We trust that our explanations about international medical insurance and how it might help you while traveling abroad have allayed your concerns. Please get in touch if you have any more inquiries.

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