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Waifu Academy APK (18+) for Android Free Download

Download the most recent version of Waifu Academy APK for Android games, v0.5.0a. Thousands of people worldwide download [Adult Games] for free, making it highly well-liked. Get it free right now! You may play the full version of the game on your tablet or phone in just a few easy steps!

My main video game endeavor is Waifu Academy APK Download. If my recipe and programming/scripting skills advance, the game will probably go through even more distinct stages of development.

The game’s origins can be found all over human history. Both the characters and your own plausible backstories as a sunken player had to be developed. However, after a few game days, you have more control over the story.

You will play as a young man (with the name of your choice, of course) in Waifu Academy APK who seeks retribution for years of humiliating tests. There are more than 30 characters in the game, each of whom is distinct and (hopefully) has a solid backstory.

The majority of the athletic scenes take place at “Sazaki Academy,” a made-up private school.

The Waifu Academy APK has been updated numerous times, and there are numerous downloadable versions. On, we have every version available, so please verify and download as necessary.

Waifu Academy APK Gameplay:

The main topics will be navigating student life on a daily basis and using deception to influence others. You must use it somehow for various duties, after all, so use caution—you are not challenging someone with a troubled past! With the exception of the awful conclusion, the game ends miserably at this point. There are also some secret or alternative scenarios.

Waifu Academy APK
Waifu Academy APK

More than 400 different scenes, 30 animated 3D sequences, 6 different heroines (there will be 16 in the finished game), and much more can be found in version 0.2.1 of the game. Never take part in the game! The decisions you make, not your level of experience, are what matter.


  • v0.0.4
  • v0.2.1
  • v0.3.2c
  • v0.3.8b
  • v0.4.4b
  • v0.5.8a
  • v0.5.8a (MOD)
  • v0.6.4a
  • v0.6.4 (MOD)
  • v0.7.1a
  • v0.8.0a

What to expect:

  • Adults-only, exclusive animated content
  • The sense of manga and hentai
  • A high school setting
  • many distinctive and reliable characters
  • Add a bizarre, sinister narrative to the mix.
  • Trafficking and infection
  • Date

Changelog v0.5.0a:

  • 2 days of new content for games.
  • You can visit the building housing Zaibatsu.
  • You can irritate the female passengers.
  • Catherine is visible at night.
  • added two fresh TV advertisements.
  • History of advanced searches with hint information.
  • Addition of the home menu gallery (early WIP).
  • added popup menu with character images and information (still WIP)
  • Karma system for new reference options has been added (still WIP)
  • (Downtown Commercial, Catherine’s Bedroom, TV Show, Gym, and Karok Stand) are five new locations.
  • introduced 4 more characters. (A journalist and a girl band)
  • 2900 lines of dialogue or script.
  • 390 images from 21 new scenarios have been added.
  • 12 animated sex sequences were added.
  • 4 new musical genres and 5 sounds/fx
  • There were numerous fixed-fixed “Haruka” or “Harda” types on show.
  • Karma point complex when gazing

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If this review has answered all of your questions regarding the app, download it immediately for your Android phone and start using it. If you enjoy the app, please tell your loved ones about it.

Irphaeus created the Waifu Academy APK (18+), which can be found in the Role Playing category. Our website has received 4.1 out of 5 stars on average. However, several review sites have given this app a rating of 4 out of 5.


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