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Textura Stumble Apk For Android [Multiplayer Royale 2022]

If you’re seeking a new game that will give you a unique gaming experience, you should download and install the current and updated version of “Textura Stumble Apk” on your smartphones and tablets.

As you may be aware, casual games, both online and offline, have grown in popularity among Android and iOS users due to their unique gaming experience as well as their simplicity and convenience of play. These casual games are simple to play and require no special skills or abilities.

Most gamers are unable to choose a worthy game from both official and third-party websites due to the large number of casual gaming video games available. If you’re seeking a new casual game with fresh gameplay, this is the game for you.

What is Textura Stumble Guys Apk?

As previously stated, it is Kitka Games’ newest and most recent casual game, produced and released for Android and iOS users worldwide who wish to play a new casual game with infinite features and game resources for free.

In this new game, users must participate in various gaming events as well as play in a multiplayer fight mode against more than 32 random gamers from around the world.

The first player to reach the terminus wins the game. The top 16 players will be eliminated first, with the remaining competitors having a chance to advance to the following round. Eight players will be eliminated in the next round, leaving only the final eight players to compete in the final round.

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Information about Game

Name Textura Stumble Guys
Version v0.37
Size 112 MB
Developer Kitka Games
Package Name com.kitkagames.fallbuddies
Android Required 5.0+
Category Action
Price Free

Apart from the multiple player mode, participants must compete in the following gaming tournaments:

  • Mian Event
  • Shinchan Gaming 5v5 Block Dash Battle
  • Ranked Tournament India
  • 1v1 Elimination maps
  • Troll Tourney India

Players can gain game gems and other awards in the tournaments indicated above, which are not available in battle mode.

Download and install this new game from the play store if you wish to join in the above-mentioned gaming events or competitions.

What customization features players will get in Textura Stumble Guys Game?

Players will have the option to personalize the following aspects in this new game:



Players will find the following skin categories in the skin category.


Sir Lancelot, Pirate Jack, Red Racer, Disco Daryl, Crusader, Bigfoot, Chicken, Christmas Elf, Green Alien, and other characters.


Ninja Higuera, Astronaut, Maximus, Frost Yeti, Deep Diver, Stumbles Santa, Tutankhamun, Dry Bones, Chilly Penguin, and others are among the characters included.


Hazmat NBC, Ninja Kai, Sisunaut, Hatshepsut, Red Demon, Stumble King, Leonidas, Red Panda, Polar Bear, Hazmat NBC, Ninja Kai, Sisunaut, Hatshepsut,


Aside from skins, players will be able to modify the color of their characters to Pink, Green, Blue, and a variety of other hues.


Emotes such as Special, Taunt, and others will be available to players.


From Dance to Victory Animation from Stumble Pass, it features a variety of animations.


Bubbles, Confetti, Sparkles, Fire, Haha, Money, Notes, Skulls, and Hearts are among the footprints found in this tab.

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Screenshots and Images of Game

Textura Stumble Apk Screenshots and Images - FunOnFB.Com
Textura Stumble Apk Screenshots and Images – FunOnFB.Com

Video Tutorial


Textura Stumble Guys for Android is a brand-new casual game with innovative gameplay and features. If you’re looking for a new casual game to enjoy, try this one out and share it with your friends. For more apps and games, visit our page.


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