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Rick and Morty Away Back Home (v3.5c + Walkthrough)

For all of your devices, would you like to download the most recent version of the Rick and Morty away Back Home game? Many Rick and Morty fans from the United States enjoy playing the role-playing game Rick and Morty: A Way Back Home, which was created by a fan and is free to download and play.

What are Rick and Morty Away Back Home?

The entire game revolves around Morty’s journey into a new reality, where he strives to avoid being the same old Morty by trying out a lot of new activities and gaining confidence.

The user can decide what action to take next in this game by selecting from the multiple-choice options. The game is based on the official Rick and Morty television series, and as a result, players from all over the world download it.

Rick and Morty Away Back Home
Rick and Morty Away Back Home

The most recent version of this game is v3.5c, which has more than 6 hours of content. Additionally, this version has a ton of wonderful characters from the official show, with Rick and Morty being two of the most well-known.

The game’s creator also included a few of his own characters to make it a little more wonderful and original, and I have no doubt that players will adore these new additions as soon as they meet them.

Version v3.5c
Size 3.5 GB
Downloads 100K+
Released on 20-Feb-2019
Updated on 16-Oct-2021
Offered by Ferdafs

The Storyline of the Rick and Morty a Way Back Home

The player will initially witness Rick and Morty in a different realm riding a flying bike in search of a crystal ball. The trick is that they are not alone; a large honey bee is trying to attack them and thwart their efforts to obtain the crystal ball.

In some way, Rick and Morty abandon their bike and find a gateway leading to their real-world, through which they successfully travel.

When they finally arrived in their own dimensions, Rick was furious with Morty and demanded to know why he had failed to shoot the large honey bee. Morty responded that he hadn’t been as confident as he should have been, which is why he had failed.

The following day, Rick visits Morty at his home and asks him to accompany him outside. Once they are outside, Rick straps a monitoring device to Morty’s neck and tells him he needs to travel to another reality in order to gain confidence.

Rick creates a portal to a different dimension and sends Morty through it. This new dimension is identical to the first one, except that everyone there has grown up, including Morty.

Morty had to overcome numerous obstacles in the new dimension, and as a result, he has grown to be very self-assured. You can start the Rick and Morty a Way Back Home game and download it to learn more about the obstacles Morty must overcome in his quest to gain confidence.

Features of Rick and Morty a Way Back Home

Characters from the Official Rick and Morty Show

Players can now interact with them and complete objectives and a variety of other activities thanks to the developer’s addition of numerous original characters from the official show.

The developer will include new characters in a future update, some of whom will come from the program, which the developers will produce.

The Game supported on Multiple Devices

The game is currently compatible with a variety of devices, including Android, Windows, and Mac, allowing users to play from their preferred device type.

Because the game file varies depending on the device, check the download choice and the specified device type before downloading the game.

Easy to add MOD and Unlock

Since so many gamers are making mods for these games, players can access additional missions, items, and other features by using all of these mods.

All of these mod files allow us to add new characters, but some of them may corrupt your game save data, therefore make a backup of your game file before using any mods.

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Are Rick and Morty a Way Back Home Offline Game?

This game is playable offline indefinitely and is available for all types of devices. Users can download the game file and play it later without having access to the internet.

There are a lot of similar games based on TV shows, such as Kame Paradise or Ben 10: A Day with Gwen, so perhaps this page will help you download the Rick and Morty: A Way Back Home game files and tutorial.


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