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Racing Master Apk v0.1.2 Free Download For Android

Friendly warning: choosing the finest racing game from the plethora of racing games available on the internet is difficult for binger. Download and install the latest version of “Racing Master Apk” for Android smartphones and tablets if you have a high-end Android device and want to play the finest racing game.

As you may be aware, selecting a good or best racing game requires consideration of numerous factors such as genres, graphics, sound design, control performance, and many others, which is not a simple process for newcomers.

Today, we’ve attempted to provide one of the best racing games for the year 2021, complete with a slew of new features and characters that you won’t find in any other racing game. This brand-new game is presently under beta testing.

Players who want to play this new game must pre-register on their official website or download the test version from the Google Play Store on their smartphone or tablet.

What is Racing Master Beta Apk?

As previously stated, it is the most recent racing game developed by Net Case Games for Android and iOS users worldwide, in which players may play games online with their family, friends, and random individuals from all over the world.

Racing Master Apk Screenshots and Images - FunOnFB.Com
Racing Master Apk Screenshots and Images – FunOnFB.Com

This game has just published its test or beta edition, which is only available to a select group of players from around the world. Players that signed up during the pre-registration period will receive free goodies in the main game.

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Information about Game

Name Racing Master Beta
Version v0.1.2
Size 59.9 MB
Developer NetEase
Package Name com.netease.racena
Android Required Lollipop (5)
Price Free

Players will be able to play this game in a variety of game types both online and offline, directly from their smartphones and tablets. Players will have access to a variety of game types, including

Offline Game Modes

In offline game modes, players will get the below-mentioned game modes like,

  • Tournaments
  • Leagues
  • Campaign Missions

Online Game Modes

In online game modes, players get a chance to play online through below mentioned,

  • PVP races
  • Online Championship
  • Online Tournaments

 Key Features

Players will like the following additions in this latest edition of Racing Master Beta:


  • In this new game, players will have the opportunity to race with over 100 licensed vehicles from world-famous car companies such as Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Porsche, Koenigsegg, and many others that players will learn about after playing the game.


  • Enjoy an actual racing experience with realistic control, 3D graphics, Real Life engine car sounds, and a plethora of other features that make this game a racer’s dream.


  • The game’s beta version is available for download and played for free. Players must, however, pay money to access premium vehicles and components that can be used to modify their vehicles.


  • Use your racing abilities in real-time with gamers from all around the world on the world’s most dangerous track, directly from your smartphone or tablet.


  • This new game allows players or racers to personalize their vehicle’s appearance and performance by altering features such as color, engine, spoiler, body, and many other components to make it stand out among the other vehicles in the race.


  • Get your favorite car with an elegant appearance and win the race in style.


  • This new game can only be downloaded and installed on high-end smartphones and tablets with more than 4 GB of RAM and a large amount of disk space.

How to pre-registered for Racing Master Game Download?

If you want to pre-register for the original edition of this game, you may do so for free through the Google Play Store or their official website.

To complete online registration, gamers must input accurate information and receive a link from the developer, which they must accept by clicking on.

When the original version of the game is launched, registered players will be notified via the email address they provided at pre-registration.

How to download and install Racing Master Apk OBB?

If you wish to play the beta version of this game, you’ll need to download the OBB file. Players must use the direct download link provided at the end of the post to obtain Apk and OBB files.

Allow all rights and permit unknown sources from security settings while installing games. After you’ve installed the game, you’ll need to select a game mode.

If you have simple access to the internet, you can play this game online in PVP mode with your family and friends in real-time.

Players who do not have access to the internet will be able to play the game for free in Campaign Missions and other game types.

Once you’ve decided on a game mode, you’ll need to select a car from a list of over a hundred new vehicles.

After selecting vehicles, press the play button to begin the game on your device. Now you may start playing games and customizing your car’s appearance and performance.

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Racing Master OBB For Android is a new racing game that can be played both online and offline on a smartphone or tablet. If you wish to play the game offline, you can do so by downloading it and sharing it with your family and friends. More apps and games can be found by subscribing to our page.


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