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Bluekik Apk Download For Android [Kik Mod 2022]

For all Kik users, we have one of the best programs that may help them improve their conversation experience. Install Bluekik Apk on your Android device for endless entertainment and communication.

For Android users, there are a variety of applications available that provide a variety of services. Similarly, communication applications give users an easy way to contact people all around the world.


What is Bluekik Apk App?

Blue Kik Apk is an Android-based modified program that offers Kik users the best mod collection of services. The mod allows users to improve their Android communication experience by giving them more control over chat and group administration.

We’ll go over some information about the official app before we get into the details of the customized version. Kik is one of the most widely used applications, with millions of users around the world.

Bluekik Apk Screenshots and Images
Bluekik Apk Screenshots and Images

The software allows you to contact individuals from all around the world and exchange various forms of material. However, just like any other communication software, it comes with a variety of restrictions for users.

As a result, the Mod App is brought to the market for consumers, and it offers some of the best services. The app offers one of the most comprehensive collections of services, allowing you to have even more fun.

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App Details

Name Bluekik Apk
Size 109.64 MB
Version v15.41.0.25917
Package Name
Developer bluesmods
Category Apps/Communication
Price Free
Minimal Support Required 4.1 and Above

Best Features of Blue Kik


There have been a variety of changes made to the app, but we’ll start with the talking services. You can control the tick mark on the chat here so that others are unaware that you have read their message.

Find out everything you can about the people who read your text. The patch allows users to see all of their friends’ names who read text. There is also an automatic reply mechanism, which allows you to receive messages from admirers who add you as a friend.

Media Controls on Bluekik Apk

If you want to make someone laugh, you can use the gallery photographs as the camera and share them here. As you may be aware, the app allows users to take pictures with the camera. However, you can quickly share pictures from your smartphone storage with others.

Any image should be edited before being sent. Before emailing any picture, the application allows you to customize it. As a result, you have the freedom to make whatever modifications you deem necessary. Enable no save if you don’t want others to save your photographs.

Others will not be able to save your media if you choose the No Save function. You can also forward media that is not permitted to be shared. There are users that share content with no forward limitations, but you can utilize this software to get around the limits.


Additional features for customizing the app are also available. You can find some of the most appealing Themes to apply in order to make your display more appealing to users. Make adjustments to the type name, among other things.

As a result, depending on your mode, you can quickly make different modifications. If you wish to use all of the offered services, simply download the Bluekik Apk file to your Android smartphone. Users have access to a variety of options that they can use to explore and have fun.

Main Features

  • Free to Download and Use
  • Best Modified Version of Kik
  • Get Private and Group Chat Hacks
  • Enhance Your Privacy
  • Control All Media
  • Get Additional Themes
  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • Safe to Use
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Many More

How to Download Bluekik Apk Android?

If you want to get the Apk file, you no longer need to waste time searching the internet. We’ve got the most recent version of the software, which anyone can quickly download on their Android device and use to have endless fun.

So, simply hit the download button, which is located at the top and bottom of the page. After you’ve tapped, you’ll need to wait a few seconds. In a few seconds, the downloading procedure will begin automatically.

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Final Words

If you wish to use all of these features, you should download the Bluekik Apk. There are other features in the app that you may explore and enjoy while spending valuable time on it.


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