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15 Steps to Making Money Online With an Amazon Affiliate Site

15 Steps to Making Money Online With an Amazon Affiliate Site. Through an Amazon affiliate website, you may generate extra income from online sales in one of the simplest and quickest ways possible. Some affiliates even make six-figure incomes, albeit this is more the exception than the rule.

According to Brian T. Edmondson, an internet revenue expert and coach headquartered in Levittown, Pennsylvania, “if you’re a full-time online business you’ll monetize in numerous various ways, while the ordinary person can earn a few hundred to maybe a couple of thousand dollars.”

It is inexpensive, involves little work, and often just takes one day to set up to build your own website. But starting an affiliate website is only the first step. Getting the correct traffic that will result in product sales once a customer clicks through to Amazon is difficult. Avoid following the crowd and select the niche that will yield the best results. To improve your chances of success, concentrate on the following strategies:

1. Learn Basic HTML

It is now simpler than it was 10 to 15 years ago to learn how to construct web pages and applications using HTML. Simple templates are available on website-building platforms like WordPress, Wix, or Weebly, and they only need to be activated by pressing a button. However, you’ll still need to understand how to format text, add hyperlinks, and incorporate images.

Make time to learn HTML if you’re not familiar with it, as well as the fundamental ideas behind running a website. In the long term, it will be more than worth the expense.

2. Pick Your Niche

You can refer any anything that is sold on Amazon, including kitchen appliances, books, music, cosmetics, and electronics, in exchange for a percentage of sales. However, due to commission rates that range from 1 percent to 10 percent, low-ticket items like books will only generate pennies from a transaction.

According to Edmondson, “those who are more successful as affiliates choose markets with substantial customer traffic or are engaged in selling higher-ticket items on Amazon.”

Choose marketable product categories in which you are interested or have some experience, but make sure the niche is distinct enough to stand out. These niches can include local bands from your area, left-handed guitarists, salsa or line dance music, or works by authors who follow a certain religion.

3. Set Up Your Web Hosting

Affiliates for Amazon can host their websites for practically free. For instance, Wix provides a basic blogging service for free, whereas pricing begins at $5.95 per month (as of April 2021). There is a list of inexpensive web hosting services at 23 Resources like Online Business Guide. Some only charge a minimal monthly fee and offer unlimited domain names, allowing you to run multiple websites for different niches on the same hosting plan.

4. Choose Your Domain Name

Building a following using your name as the domain is common when starting a personal brand as an author, specialist, or lecturer—especially among YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram influencers. The website might also be named MyBestSkincareProducts, MyFavoriteAccessories, or SupplementsForWeightlifters to represent the target market.

Don’t be clever; make the name keyword-rich. Consider the keywords that the typical user could use to reach your website in search engines. Make sure to cross-reference your name with those of existing marketplace websites.

5. Register Your Domain Name

For one or two websites, registering domain names is not expensive, but for ten to twenty niche websites, the cost can add up. Save money by selecting a less expensive service, like SiteGround or GoDaddy. Another option is 1&1, commonly known as IONOS, where prices start out cheap and rise gradually over the course of subsequent years, depending on the plan. The first year’s fee is $1.

If you’re not tech-savvy, have your hosting firm register the domain name. GoDaddy provides specials such as a year’s worth of basic managed WordPress for just $1 per month, after which the cost goes up to the list price.

6. Install WordPress

One of the strongest strategies for attracting customers and visitors is content marketing. WordPress is simple to set up and speeds up posting. It also offers a free alternative. It is well-liked for disseminating content like blogs and articles.

WordPress can be installed on many hosting in just one step. These consist of Weebly, Wix, and GoDaddy.

Adding keywords to product reviews is another kind of content marketing. After setting up WordPress, earning money is as easy as creating an article and linking to Amazon—after a product has been bought, of course.

7. Make It Pretty

Design is increasingly significant to users who want to trust a reliable website, even though the content is still king. The versatility of WordPress’ design possibilities is one advantage.

With WordPress plug-ins, the site can be customized to your liking. Due to WordPress’s widespread use, it is simple to locate expertise if you wish to outsource a task.

With the range of templates that WordPress provides, you have considerably more creative freedom and control over the layout of your website. Add an email marketing tool, advised Edmondson, “so you can record the names of website visitors and follow up with them for more opportunities to show them other things they might be interested in purchasing.”

8. Set Up Categories

It can be easier for customers to find your website in a search engine if you provide a category or subcategory to your post. The ability to assign an article to a category or subcategory that will assist organize your articles is available in the majority of blog software, including WordPress, Wix, and Weebly.

Additionally, categories assist users in narrowing down their interests. For instance, might include two groups of categories: one for the city of origin, such as Austin, Dallas, Houston, or Lubbock, and another for the genre, such as rock, country, or blues.

9. Sign Up as an Amazon Associate (Affiliate)

It is free and easy. Just navigate to Amazon Associates and click the “Sign Up” link in the footer. Even if there isn’t any content on your site yet, the basic setup should already be complete. Before approval, Amazon manually inspects the website.

If you don’t already have one, Amazon will give you one to put at the bottom of your website. In order to be completely transparent, you must disclose that you are an Amazon associate and that you occasionally receive compensation.

10. Create Your Blog Posting Bookmarks and Links

The “bookmarklet” component of your blog software should show up at the bottom of the posting page. Click the link, then drag it to your browser’s Links toolbar or Favorites menu. This enables you to quickly change a blog post on a product.

11. Create Your Amazon Build-A-Link Bookmark and Link

In this phase, you can create a link that incorporates your affiliate ID. Log in to Associates Central, browse the Build-A-Link section of the left navigation sidebar, then select Individual Items under Static Links and drag them to your Links toolbar or Favorites menu.

12. Build Your First Link

Search for the products you wish to review after signing into your Associate’s account, and then utilize the Site Stripe (the gray stripe at the top of the screen) to acquire a unique link to the product. A wide range of other options is also provided by Amazon for link and banner creation.

13. Blog Your Review

Click the link to your blog article. WordPress will display two separate bits of link code. Through the first one that ends in “/a,” delete. The product link with your Amazon Associate ID embedded is the second component. Select the appropriate categories, write the product review, and then click Publish.

14. Build Out Your Amazon Affiliate Site

Create enough substantial material to keep a visitor’s interest before advertising a website. Review a number of products in at least two or three categories. You might also want to write news, comments, and articles about the area of knowledge or specialty. Because search engines are immediately notified while writing if notifications are enabled, the more written material there is, the better.

15. Promote Your Amazon Affiliate Site

The best free method of promotion is to interact with other bloggers who write about related subjects and to take part in internet forums where your niche is discussed.

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